Our team

Aaron Donaghey 

is from Derry~Londonderry and is currently the CEO of Hypixel Studios. Aaron was one of the first people in Derry to host displaced Ukrainians. He has extensive experience in communicating with people, charities, and financial institutions. Aaron is the founder and 1st private investor of Foyle Friends of Ukraine, having identified a need for enhanced services through his own experience. Now Director of the CIC, Aaron continues to draw on his expertise to drive and develop the organsiation. 

Carrie McCafferty 

is an experienced business advisor, mentor, trainer and programme manager. She has taken on the role of Managing Director of Foyle Friends of Ukraine, putting her mentoring, guidance, planning and financial management skills forward to help support the team and streamline the processes of supporting displaced and desperate Ukrainians and matching them with the kind and generous host families.

Maryna Sukhorukova 

lived in Kharkiv and worked as a general surgeon in a hospital until the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Maryna currently lives in Derry and works at Foyle Friends of Ukraine as the Communications Officer. Maryna is responsible for the identification of suitable Ukrainians, matching them with host families and communicating with both sides during the matching process.  

Svitlana Pokolodna 

lived in Kharkiv and before the full-scale war worked at an enterprise for producing mineral wool insulation as the head of the quality department. Svitlana is living in Derry now, and working at Foyle Friends of Ukraine as the Communications Officer. She is responsible for supporting Ukrainians after their arrival in Derry.

Dina Diurba 

lived in Kharkiv before the full-scale war and worked as an associate professor of Latin at the Kharkiv National Medical University.  Dina is currently living in Derry and working at Foyle Friends of Ukraine as the Communications Officer. Dina is in charge of immigration, travel and project administration at the Foyle Friends of Ukraine. 

Mariia Myndru

lived in Vinnytsia and worked there as an English teacher at school. Now because of the war in Ukraine Mariia is relocated and lives in Derry. She is working at Foyle Friends of Ukraine as a teacher, Mariia helps adult Ukrainians with studying English.

Olena Kurilova

before the full-scale war, lived in Irpin and worked as an accountant in a bank.  For several years she was a housewife and raised her daughters.  Elena currently lives in Derry and works as the leader kids club for Foyle Friends of Ukraine.