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Foyle Friends of Ukraine is an initiative dedicated to assisting displaced Ukrainians in the Foyle Area of Northern Ireland via the ' Homes for Ukraine' scheme

13/05/2022 - PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Foyle Friends of Ukraine


Please contact us if you would like to know anything more about our services which are listed below...

1 | Create a registry of housing and help opportunities in and around the River Foyle Area of Northern Ireland.

2 | Assist prospective sponsors through the process of signing up for the 'Homes for Ukraine' program.

3 | Freely provide required items such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms to homes that are in the process of sponsoring displaced Ukrainians so that they may pass their home inspections.

4 | Advertise registered housing opportunities on sponsorship matching services on behalf of the UK sponsor as part of Foyle Friends of Ukraine.

5 | Provide assistance with the "Matching" process of the 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme, including advice on vetting for both parties.

6 | Provide guidance and hands-on assistance for the application process for the "Permission to Travel Letter" (Temporary Visa Equivalent).

7 | Create a registry of temporary emergency housing opportunities in the Donegal Area for displaced Ukrainians in immediate danger that they may stay at whilst awaiting 'Permission To Travel letter' (Temporary VISAS).

8 | Provide advisory assistance to Ukrainians that have relocated to the Foyle Area. Schools, Medical GPs, Job Opportunities, etc.

9 | Provide basic essentials to Ukrainians upon arrival.

10 | Collect Displaced Ukrainians from Derry, Donegal, Dublin, or Belfast Airports where required.

11 | Transport Displaced Ukrainians to and from Government Assistance Centres where they may avail of professional advice.

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